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Steak Diane

Bernie Howden

For Dinner ( Beef, Easy, Potatoes )


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15 minutes minutes to prepare and 30/40 minutes. minutes to cook

Serves 4


A sumptuious sauce with fillet steak.


4 medium fillet steaks, butter, salt and pepper,shallots, button mushrooms, red wine vinegar, single cream, wholegrain mustard. Charlotte Potatoes, sprouts, chesnuts, garlic, parsley.garlic. Olive oil,


First par boil potatoes, Approx 10 mins, drain and make cuts across them, crush a whole garlic and chop fresh parsley, place with a knob of butter over the potatoes, put in oven 250 c, fan oven 200 c, gas mark 9, leave in for 25/30 mins, after 10 mins, place sprouts and chesnuts in a pan of boiling water for 10 mins, drain and place in the oven with potatoes , place in the oven with potatoes, meanwhile melt a tbsp of butter in frying pan, cook steaks for 2 mins on each side,remove them from the pan and place in a warm place, fry finelly chopped shallot and 350 g sliced mushrooms until soft and brown, now add pepper and 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar and boil until nearly dry, now stir in 100ml of cream and a tsp of mustard, pinch of salt, when potatoes and steaks and sprouts/chesnuts are assembled on plates, pour the sauce over the steaks and serve..


I used a mixture of mushrooms ( my personal choice) button,chesnut,oyster and shitake mushrooms, I also used english mustard again ( my choice), and I used Elmlea cream and not fresh (my choice again).


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