The easiest way to share and find recipes with your friends

Sometimes, the best recipes are those that are passed down through friends and relatives and at friendscookbook, we are making it easier for you to share and discover those amazing recipes within your own social network.

Whether you would like to share your own recipe's with your friends or find out how they cook at home, friendscookbook is here to make it easy for you to publish and find great recipes.

You are also able to save a collection of your friends recipes to your own cookbook and see what recipes your friends like, so that you can try them out yourself.

Connect to your existing social network

To keep things simple, you are able to connect to friendscookbook via your facebook account. This will automatically tell you which of your facebook friends are already using friendscookbook so that you can start sharing with them instantly.

Don't use facebook? That's fine, you are also able to sign up with your own user name and password and search for friends on friendscookbook.

Keep your recipes safe

We respect your privacy and you have the option of publishing your recipes to the whole world, just your friends, or to your own private cookbook. Our privacy settings are intuitive and very easy to update.