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Creating and sharing your own recipes is easy on friendscookbook. Add a new recipe and you will be able to give your recipe a name, add ingredients and list the steps to make it. You can choose to make your recipes public, share them only with friends, or keep them secret in your own private cookbook.

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You can search through all shared recipes on friendscookbook with the search bar, or view the latest recipes that have been added. You can also click on your friends recipes to view all of the recipes they are sharing.

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If you have connected via facebook you can automatically import your existing facebook friends so that you can immediately start sharing your recipes. You can enable or disable this at any time in the Edit Profile section. You can also search for friends by clicking on Friends under your profile picture.

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View the recipes you have created, or collect shared recipes that you find on friendscookbook. Often, the best recipes are those that we learn from friends or family, so be sure to browse through your friends recipes, or search for shared recipes.

Edit My Profile

Want to change your details or add a profile picture? You can edit your friendscookbook profile at any time in the Edit Profile section. If you have connected via facebook, these settings can be changed in facebook and will be updated here the next time you log in