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Paleo Breakfast Stack

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For Breakfast ( Paleo )


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3 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to cook

Serves 2


I made this up for breakfast today and it was scrumptious. Accompanied with some fresh squeezed orange juice, I can't think of a better way to start the day!


2 x large Portobello mushrooms
2 x rashers of bacon
1 x tomato
1/2 avocado
2 x eggs (I only buy eggs from free range, grain fed hens)
some olive oil


The idea for the recipe here is to replace the 'toast' in a standard bacon and egg breakfast, with a fresh and nutritious Portobello mushroom. It's tasty and still fills you up :)

Cut the stalks off the mushrooms, so that they can be placed flat in a pan. Slice up the tomato and scoop out the avocado with a spoon.

Heat up two pans, with olive oil on medium heat.

In the first pan, place the Portobello mushrooms. I'm not sure which side to cook them on, so I just flip them every minute or so. Over time, they will start to shrink in the pan.

Cook them for about 2 minutes and start adding the other ingredients to the same frying pan... Add the bacon and the tomato and fry until the bacon is nice and crisp and the tomato and mushrooms are slightly browned.

Everything else is cooking, fry up the eggs in the other frying pan. Fry the eggs to your liking... I cook mine sunny side up and left them a little runny, so that the yolk spills all over the stack... yummmm!

Once everything is finished, plate up the mushrooms, stack with bacon, tomato, avocado and top off with an egg

Season to your liking with salt/pepper and enjoy!


This was the first time I have tried this recipe and I loved it! If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, or if there are other Paleo style ingredients I could use, I would love to hear your feedback :)


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