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Beef macaroni

Leeanne Richardson

For Dinner ( Pasta, Beef )


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15 minutes to prepare and 20-30 minutes to cook

Serves 4-6


500 grams mince of your choice
1 jar pasta sauce of your choice (i like dolmios Ramano cheese sauce)
2-3 large onions
2 tablespoons beef stock powder
2 tablespoons BBQ sauce (or a good dash whatever you prefer)
1 tub tomato paste
1/2 packet of pasta of your choice
250 grams bacon pieces


cook pasta according to packet directions
slice onion and fry...add bacon pieces and mince ...add beef stock powder and mix well...add tomato paste, BBQ sauce and pasta sauce stir mixture well. Once pasta is cooked drain well and add to beef mixture and stir well. reduce heat to a simmer and leave approx 10-15 mins. can be served as is or you can sprinkle some cheese on top.


this recipe is always tastier if cooked earlier and allowed to stand for a couple of hours

***with the amount of beef stock powder added really depends on how strong a flavour you want...so experiment to your own tastes***


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