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Vegetable Fritters

Kristine Czak Messig

For Dinner ( Vegetarian, Potatoes, Kids )


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10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook

Serves 4


These vegetable fritters are very tasty. They're also a great way to get kids to eat veggies.


2 large potatoes peeled
1 small onion
50g pumpkin
1 large carrot
1 small zucchini (about 150g)
1 tablespoon of flour
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste
Oil for frying


Grate all ingredients into a large bowl. Add the egg, flour, salt and pepper and mix well.
Heat the oil in a frypan.
Spoon mixture into the frypan to desired size (don't make them too thick or they'll take too long to cook)
Remove when cooked and golden brown on each side.
Drain on paper towel and serve while hot.
I like to eat them with sour cream! Enjoy :)


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