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Tuna Dip

Maggie Benson

For Snack / Other ( Dips and Spreads )


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5 minutes to prepare and

Serves 6


This is soooo easy, it barely counts as a recipe! But it is really tasty and quick to whip up if you have some surprise guests :)


3 x small tins of tuna (I use Green Seas Sandwich Tuna)
1 packet of philadelphia cream cheese
A box of crackers


Take the cream cheese out of the fridge and its packet. Let it soften for about 10-15 minutes to make it easier to beat.

Drain the tuna and cut the cream cheese up into small bits, so it mixes easily.

Place the tuna and cream cheese it in a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until you get a smooth dip like consistency.

Serve in a small bowl with your favourite crackers.


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    Tried it and it was easy to prepare and very delicious.... Well this evening I used some left over smoked salmon and did it the same way..... OMG to die for.... and the Rosemary and Garlic crackers ….. a match made in my kitchen…. This recipe allows you to appreciate the meat of choice .... Thank you for sharing…

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    that sounds very good and simple...thanks for sharing

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    Nice touch Rita, I'll have to try that next time too! Thanks for sharing :)

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    That sounds good too Rita :) How cool that everyone can share ideas like this :)

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    I add lemon juice & a little tomato sauce.

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    Thanks Claire :) I'll have to try it with salmon too, that sounds good

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    Nice :) I do something similar with tinned salmon and add spring onions at the end.