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Kristine's famous Guacamole

Kristine Czak Messig

For Snack / Other ( Appetizers, Dips and Spreads )


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10 minutes to prepare and

Serves 5+


2-3 very ripe avocados (I like Hass ones best)
1 truss tomato
1 small red onion
1 lemon
tobasco sauce
salt and pepper


1. Using a knife, score a cross on the base of your tomato and place in a jug of boiling hot water for 1 minute
2. Cool tomato under cold water and peel off the skin
3. Cut the tomato into quarters and remove the seeds, dice finely
4. Peel and de-seed the avocados, mash in a large bowl
5. Peel and finely dice half of the red onion
6. Add the tomato and onion to the avocado mash
7. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze one half into the mixture
8. Add a few dashes of tobasco sauce to taste
9. Mix it all together and season with salt and pepper to taste (add more lemon or tobasco if needed)
10. Serve with corn chips as a dip or serve on top of nachos


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