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Smoked Chicken on Paw Paw

Gillian Visser

For Brunch


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30 minutes to prepare and nil minutes to cook

Serves 6


paw paw halves filled with smoked chicken, avocado, whole seed mustard in lovely lite sour cream


One large smoked chicken half chopped up small, 3 tabs of whole seed mustard, juice of lemon, one pottle of lite sour cream, 2 avocados chopped up small, seasoning, bunch spring onions chopped up small,
3 x paw paws cut in half and pips removed.(cut bottoms so they sit level - careful not to cut all the way thru)


mix lite sour cream, mustard, lemon juice, seasoning, spring onions all together well - fold in gently avocado chopped up small, and put mixture into paw paw halves.
serve with french bread stick which has been made into rounds toasted in oven after spraying with olive oil.


You can make layers of this as well in round stackers - first layer, paw paw, second layer avocado,
third layer smoked chicken mixture - top with a slice of smoked salmon rolled to look like a flower.


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