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my mini xmas puddings

Elaine Gambles

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20 minutes to prepare and

Serves 24


Yummy Xmas puddings made so easy


Left over Xmas pudding approx 8oz
2 tbs golden syrup
A good splosh of sherry or other tipple (orange juice if for kids)
Approx 4 oz melted chocolate just enough to bind the mixture
2oz melted white chocolate
Glace cherries for the holly berries
Angelica or green glace cherries for the holly leaves


Take the left over Xmas pudding and break it up in a bowl, then sprinkle over the sherry or other liquid add the golden syrup, and mix well.
Over a bowl of warm water add the melted chocolate to the cake mixture and mix well, (I do this to keep the chocolate from clogging)
Once mixed form into little golf ball size pieces and place into petite four paper cases, chill in the fridge for approx 10 mins while you melt the white chocolate,
Add a little of the white chocolate to the tops of each mini pudding and let it dribble down, then top with the cherries cut into tiny pieces to represent holly berries and leaves.
Chill again and enjoy.


When rolling the mixture into balls it can get a bit messy so I use surgical grade rubber gloves.


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