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Mock Fish - Potato Cakes

Paula Mcgregor

For Dinner ( Potatoes )


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15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook

Serves 20+


My Dad and I just Love Them ! And You Might Ask Where is the Fish there is None. This Recipe is a Traditional Family One.


6-8 Potatoes
Salt an Pepper
2 Tblsps Self Raising Flour
Red,Brown, White Diced Onion Optional
Olive Oil For Frying


1.Peel Potatoes
2.Squeeze Liquid from Grated Potatoes
3. Mix in Eggs
4. Add 2 tblsps Self Raising Flour for Keeping Potatoes together
5. Add Onion Optional
6.Heat Frypan with A layer of Olive Oil
7.Scoop Potatoe Mix into Frypan & Flatten with Spatual
8. Fry until Golden Brown Flipping Once
9.Place Potatoe Cakes on Paper Towel to Absorb Excess Oil


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