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corn and shrimp soup

Phillip Dillon

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Serves 10


2 cans whole kernal corn
2 cans creamed corn
3 lbs shrimp
1 stick butter (used to satuee)
2 green bell peppers
4 stalks celery
1 bunch green onion
1 med white onion
1 med yellow onion
1 med whied onion
5 cloves garlic
2 lbs sausage (I prefer the somked itilian)
oil (to make a roux)
flour (to make a roux)
4 Tblsp Tony's
red pepper, salt, black pepper to taste
6 Tblsp parsley
2 cans rotel
2 cans chicken broth
6 cubes of chicken bullion
1 Tblsp red chili powder
1 Tblsp paprika


You will want to make this and then let it cool down to re-heat for serving for best tasting. Mix in parsley just before serving.

cut the sausage into 1/4 slices
in a large pot place the sausage and cover with water and boil
in a 16 qt stock pot put in corn, spices, chicken broth and rotel on low heat. Do not drain them as this is most of the sauce for the soup.
in a 1 qt sauce pan put chicken bullion cubes and 1 Tblsp red chili powder and 1 Tblsp paprika bring to a boil make sure the cubes disolve then add to the stock pot
chop all the veggies to your liking
in a skillet you will want to satuee with butter do each item individually onions, celery, garlic, bell peppers and do the shrip very last.
as each are done place into the stock pot as this is building the flavors and then marrying them.
after the shrimp are added in take the sausage into the stock pot (this is to take as much of the grease out as you can)
then make a roux. this is a thickener and it is also flavor so if you like the thickness then add a little roux get it to a boil and test it once more if it needs to be thinned a little add some water and bring it back to a boil.

turn off and let cool


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