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Joanna Bender

For Dinner ( Beef )


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15 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook

Serves 4


This meat dish originating from Central and Eastern Europe. The name derives from the Polish language. Zraz means a slice of meat cut from the whole.


4x120gram beef steak
4 small gherkins
2 fine salami or kabanos
4 spoon of medium mustard
Salt, pepper
Olive oil for frying
Cooking twine or stainless steel Skewers


1. Tenderise the beef to the thickness of minute steak.
2. Spread the inside of the meat with mustard.
3. On each piece of meat (at the end of a piece) arranged one gherkin and half kabanos or fine salami.
4. Roll up tightly meat. Tie with string or fasten with a skewers.
5. Place meat in hot oil and fry 15 to 30 minutes - depending on whether you want the meat more or less done.


The Zrazy can be baked after adding water and / or broth to achieve a natural sauce. Kabanos (Polish, thin, smoked sausage) and gherkin is not only the meat filling. They can also: onion and bacon, onions and mushrooms. However, in Maltese cuisine are prepared Bragioli - beef stuffed with minced meat, oil, eggs, bacon, stale bread and parsley.


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