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cous-cous & chicken

James Seaford

For Dinner ( Chicken, Easy )


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10 minutes to prepare and 12-15 minutes to cook

Serves 4


Easy to make, great tasting dish that even a novice like myself can impress guests with. This is definitely a keep-it-simple-stupid dish which is hard to get wrong.


Cous-Cous x 2 cups
8 chicken thighs (or breast)
SD tomatoes x 1 cup
Sliced olives x 1 cup
raisens or mixed berries x 1/2 cup
beetroot x 1 cup
Fetta (a small block)
onion x 1
Spices: papryka, cumin, morrocan


Finely chop onion. Ruffly chop SD tomatoes, and bootroot and put aside. Dice, roughly chop or crumble fetta and put aside.

Coat chicken in oil and smother in spices back and front. Place chicken in oiled pan at approx. 160-70 degrees. Cook on each side for approx. seven to ten minutes. Once turned, place lid over pan until cooked.

Once chicken turned, place onion in another pan at 180 degrees. When almost golden brown place in all other ingredients accept fetta.

Turn on kettle and place cous-cous in a large serving bowl. When kettle is boiled pour approximately two-three cups over cous-cous and let stand for 3 minutes. Thereafter add onion and other fried ingredients and give it a stir.

Place cous-cous on plate and add chicken. Garnish with something purdy and enjoy the meal.




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    Looks great! I'm a big fan of cous cous dishes at the moment :)

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    Simple and tasty are the magic words for me :) Love it, I'll definitely be trying this one!