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Chargrilled Haloumi & Crisp Greed Salad

Paula Mcgregor

For Lunch ( Salads, Greek )


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20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook

Serves 4


3 Ripe Roma Tomatoes
1 Medium Green Tomatoe
1/2 Punnet Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 Telegraph Cucumber
1/2 Medium Spanish Onion
Sea Salt
Freshly Ground Pepper
100ml Olive Oil
60ml Balsamic Vinegar
400g Haloumi, Cut into 8 Thick Slices
2 Baby Cos Lettuce, Washed an Separated
Fresh Herbs to Finish


1.Wash the Tomatoes and Cut into 2cm Pieces. Add the Cucumber and Spanish Onion, and Season with Salt an Pepper. Drizzle with Oil an Vinegar, an Place to one Side.
2.Heat a Large heavy-based frying pan to quite Hot. Add a little oil, then Carefully add the Haloumi. Fry until Golden and Season lightly with Pepper(no Salt) Haloumi is quite Salty.
3 Add the Lettuce to the Salad an Combine well. Divide over 4 Plates and Top with 2 Slices of Haloumi, Garnish with Fresh Herbs and Serve with Crusty Bread.


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