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Cajun Seasoning Mix

Phillip Dillon

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10 minutes to prepare and

Serves 50


A cajun seasoning mix is used in many cajun recipes or just like salt. It is basically salt with a variety of spices. There are many commercial seasoning mixes on the market. Probably the most common is Tony Chachere's Original Seasoning. Another excellent seasoning mix is Zatarain's Seasoning. Below is a seasoning mix recipe if you would like to make your own. Experiment with every batch until you have the spice combination you like.


table salt, 26 oz
cayenne pepper, 5 tbs
black pepper, 3 tbs
onion powder, 3 tbs
garlic powder, 3 tbs
chili powder, 3 tbs
thyme, 1 tbs
sweet basil, 1 tbs
bay leaf, 1 tbs


Add all the seasoning, except salt, in a blender. Cover and blend to a fine consistency. Don't breath the dust - it throws me into a sneezing frenzy !
Mix the blended spices with the salt until you achieve a uniform color.


Use as you would salt.


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