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Bonfire Toffee

Cate Agosta

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Serves 12


A nice bonfire night tradition



1lb brown sugar
¼ pint water
4ozs black treacle
4ozs golden syrup
1 tsp white wine vinegar
3ozs unsalted butter

Makes one 8 inch square tin.


First, grease your tin with a little unsalted butter, making sure that the corners are well greased.

Place all the ingredients into a large non-reactive saucepan - stainless steel for preference.

Heat over a medium flame until the butter has melted, and bring to a rolling boil - as fast as you can. Boil, covered for two minutes.

Fill a jug with cold water and have next to you as you finish the toffee. Stirring regularly, maintain a fast boil to reduce the toffee. As it gets thicker, regularly - at minute intervals say - test dribbles of the mixture in your cold water - when it is ready, a dribble will harden and solidify instantly into a hard piece of toffee - remove the pan instantly from the heat, and place the bottom in a large bowl of water to arrest the cooking.

Pour the toffee into your prepared tin and cool. Break into pieces before serving - this will keep only in an airtight tin.


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    Wow, do you actually cook this over the bonfire? Sounds like fun :)