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Mediterranean Sandwich

Tammy LeMesurier

For Lunch


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30 minutes to prepare and

Serves 1


Don't let the list of ingredients fool you, the flavours all come together wonderfully in this Vegetarian Sandwich that is best on a hearty 12 grain bread, but works equally well on Gluten Free Whole Grain as well.

Serve it with a side soup, or salad and it's a complete meal.


2 slices 12 Grain bread ( or gluten Free bread) Plain or toasted.
2 oz lemon garlic hummus
4 slices English cucumber
4 large mint leaves
3 oz sliced feta cheese
1 oz alfalfa sprouts or mixed greens


Spread both pieces of bread with Hummus.
On one side layer Cucumber, Mint, Feta and Alfalfa Sprouts.
Cover with second piece of bread, cut in half.
Serve with Soup or Salad.


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