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Jen Taverniti

For Dinner ( Pasta, Italian )


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120 minutes to prepare and

Serves 4-6


2- 500ml bottles of tomato passata
1- onion
2 cloves garlic
3-4 sprigs parsley
pinch salt
1tspn sugar
500g mince
2-3pkts lasagne sheets
parmesan cheese
1-cup milk
2tbspn- butter
2tbspn-plain flour
cup-tasty cheese shredded
2tbspn- olive oil


dice garlic an onion
heat oil in pan
add onion an garlic, sweat.
add mince n brown
once brown add bottles of passata
turn down heat
once simmered add parsley, sugar an 1 tspn salt.
simmer for 1hour an half
stir gradually
pr-heat oven 180 degrees

heat pot
add flour, and butter
once combined add milk gradually
when thickened add cheese gradually
take off stove.
add salt to taste

place lasagne sheets in tray
layer over sauce, then sprinkle parmesan
repeat previous steps till no lasagne sheets
make sure you leave enough sauce to serve with ech serving..
once finished layering
pour bechamel sauce over the top
sprinkle parmesan cheese
pour 1/4 cup water down corner of tray
cover with foil
place into oven for 40 minutes
take foil off an bake
till top golden

place leftover sauce on top of your slice
serve with salad


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    Nice one Jen :) Im a big fan of bechamel sauce!