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cajun tater salad

Phillip Dillon

For Lunch


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Serves 10


20 lbs red potatoes
4 oz liquid crab boil
12 eggs
small jar salad dressing (Helman's)
small jar mustard (any kind you like)
small jar sweet relish
small jar dill relish
2 Tlbs cajun seasoning


peel potatoes if you like

large pot of boiling water add seasonings, taste if you want more seasonings, boil potatoes and eggs
peel eggs and put potatoes and eggs in food processor then add mayo, mustard and relish's and mix well

fresh rosemary on top when served


can leave cajun seasoning out and then everyone can add to their taste
seasoning will be hotter after you refrigerate it do not make to strong untill you learn how to use it, taste it hot and know the outcome later untill you find the right amount of heat for you


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