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Breakfast Mushrooms

Claire Eckhart

For Breakfast ( Vegetarian )


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5 minutes to prepare and 8-10 minutes to cook

Serves 3


A creamy mushroom dish which can easily be adapted to taste


Mushrooms for desired number of people (for 3 perhaps 6-8 large field or 15-20 button)
3 rashers of bacon - diced and most of the fat removed (do leave a little on for the flavour)
Continental parsley (a handful) chopped to desired consistency
1-2 garlic gloves - minced (to taste or omit)
100ml cream
20g butter
Olive Oil


Slice your mushrooms to desired size.
Heat a non stick fry pan to hot
Add the mushrooms & garlic and give them a quick stir about to spread the heat. Add a splash of olive oil and stir, then leave for a minute and stir again. You're wanting a golden colour on your mushies.
Add the bacon to the pan and continue to "stir fry" for a couple of minutes.
When mushrooms and bacon are at your desired "cookedness" add the butter and saute.
Add the cream and saute for probably a minute then remove from the heat.
Stir through S&P to taste and parsley as desired.


Ensure your pan is big enough for your quantity of mushrooms. Overcrowding the pan will result in "stewing". You really want the mushrooms to retain texture and flavour.

Make sure your garlic doesn't burn. Mixing with the mushies should prevent this but just be aware. Burnt garlic is acidic and horrible :)

The cream and the butter are optional and decadent so if you would like something with a bit less fat, then perhaps use a splash of worcestershire sauce or even soy instead.

Make sure you taste your dish and season to taste. Salt is needed but doesn't have to be overkill and if you are choosing to use soy, definitely check before adding.

I would serve this on thick cut toast but would be beautiful alongside some scrambled egg if you want to reduce the carbs :)


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    Thanks for this one, I absolutely looove mushies :)