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Bacon potato chowder

Tianna Graham

For Dinner ( Soups )


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20 minutes to prepare and 60 minutes to cook

Serves 6


Chicken stock, potatoes, 2 celery stalks,1 white onion,2 carrots,1 pound of bacon, frozen corn, milk, butter, flower , spices


chop bacon roughly and sate for 10 min, dice onion, celery and carrot, throw into pot with bacon and continue to sate for 5 more min on medium heat. Add one full jug of chicken stock to pot and 8 cups of diced potatoes let boil on high heat for 10 min. In a separate pot melt 6 tablespoons of butter add half a cup of flower to butter and wisk until it becomes a paste. Make sure it doesnt burn. Add 3 and a half cups of milk to rue and wisk until it comes to a boil. allow to thicken. the thicker the better. Stir into soup and add onion salt,pepper,peprika and garlic powder. Let cook for 45-50 more min on low heat. add 2 cups of frozen corn and fresh chopped parsley 10 min before serving


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