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Australia Day Snags

Steve Messig

For Lunch ( Barbecue )


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5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook

Serves 20


A tribute to Australia Day... the great Aussie Snag! Invite all of your friends around, cook lots of snags and be sure to have lots of ice cold beer on hand :)


Tomato Sauce/BBQ Sauce/Mustard
Bread or Hotdog Buns


Fire up the bbq and cook the snags!

I usually have a mix of different snags. The regular sausages from the supermarket are usually the most popular, but I also like to have some gourmet sausages that I source from the market.

As the snags are cooking, poke holes in them with a fork to stop them from bursting

Be sure to turn them regularly so they cook evenly without burning

Alongside the snags, I usually bbq some sliced onion as an optional extra

Once cooked, allow people to build their own snags with a choice of bread/hotdog buns, tomato/bbq sauce/mustard and toppings of onion or cheese.


Don't forget the beer... I believe it is a crime in Australia to have a BBQ without it :) Cheers!


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    Im so jealous LOL, you definately got to start making your own sausages, that's it Im gunna have to buy myself one ASAP now LOL!!! I bet the mince your making now would be so much better than store bought:-)

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    Thanks Gabby, you too :) Actually, I had the same idea!! I bought a meat mincer but at this stage I've only used it to make my own mince meat. It does have an attachment to make sausages, but I haven't got around to it yet. However, the mince I make is awesome... I buy fresh, lean cuts from the market and cut off most of the fat. Here's a pic of the little beast :)

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    Cool Photo Steve love the idea with the Aussie flag in the snags very cool indeed:-) btw happy aussie day to you for a few days ago:-) Wondering have you ever made your own sausages before? For so many months now, Ive been wanting to buy my own sausage maker and make my own interesting flavour snags that dont have grizzle and bone in them, so cant stand buying from the supermaket anymore keep getting bones that nearly break my teeth grrrr.

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    Happy Australia Day Steve! Here's a pic of my snag and beer :)