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Roasted sweet pepper

Bernie Howden

For Dinner ( Beef, Easy )


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15 minutes minutes to prepare and 30/40 minutes to cook

Serves 1/2


Roasted sweet pepper with roasted vegetables.


1/2 Long sweet red peppers
500 grms Beef mince or quorn mince
1 medium spanish onion
1 large red onion
2 medium potatoes
300 grms sliced mixed peppers
suit to taste paprika
200grms cheese
olive oil /butter
Tinned crushed tomatoes
Tomato puree
1 clove Garlic (crushed)


first fry onions in butter/olive oil
after 2 mins add mince
After 5 mins add a tin of crushed tomatoes and a squirt of tomato puree.
salt and pepper
add 1 crushed garlic clove
simmer for 5 minutes
Slit pepper along top and de-seed and wash
place onions and mince inside the pepper
Now dice potatoes and red onions
par boil potatoes for 5 minutes
drain and add onions
season with paprika spread over the top and turned
put olive oil into oven proof dish
place red pepper into centre
place your vegetables around the pepper
drizzle olive oil over red pepper
place in oven on 200/gas mark 6 for 30/40 mins.
5 minutes before taking out of the oven, place grated cheese over red pepper.
take out and serve.


Depending on your appetite the red peppers can be quite large so adjust
For vegetarians quorn mince can be used..


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