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any flavour flummery

June Simkin

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10 minutes to prepare and none minutes to cook

Serves 6


this is an old old recipe ,iknow because i am an old person ,it is very soft and kids will love it


i tin carnation -creamy -milk.chilled overnight in fridge
2 jellies of any flavour 85 gms pkt
1 1/2 cups boiling water


Beat milk till like egg white consistency,do not over beat,but nice and creamy
Mix the 2 jellies with the boiling water till dissolved
Put in freezer for abour 4/5 mins -only till cool
then slowly add to the cream mix and mix together
Do not overbeat just so it nice and creamy .put into large dish and if any over into some small dishes for later or for the kids .I am 87 and i love this dessert.


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    Remember having this as a kid, forgot all about it. Thank you

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    I do like your recipe. I used to make something similar years ago and added philadelphia cheese to the mixture and poured into a crushed biscuit base tin and refrigerated.

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    me and my grandaughter Zoe, whom is a whiz of a cook like her mum